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autor snímku: Sysel
picture author: Sysel
gully-sucker on MAN body
picture author: Sysel
picture author: Vapenik company
An accident of fecal Ifa L50. Praga V3S assists.
picture author: Sysel
Nice modern design
picture author: Sysel
Apparatus is a little-bit monstrous.
picture author: reader Ivo Carvan
Fecal NAF-8.
picture author: reader Ivo Carvan   picture author: reader Ivo Carvan
Photographed in Dolany near by Kralupy nad Vltavou.
picture author:  reader Zdenek Beranek, editor of Truck magazin
CAS -10 at work in Pruhonice.
drawing author: Peedseda
Toys, washing-machines and trots are rhyming in Czech.
picture author: Predseda
ADR 815 cruising Sestajovice.
picture author: reader Premek Pejchar
Vacuum cleaner for dog shits
in Bratislava (Slovakia)
picture author: reader Premek Pejchar   picture author: reader Premek Pejchar
Slovak fecal Avia CAV-01, photographed under Devin castle.

We have received a huge amount of responses from you, our readers. You also send us your own gully-sucker photos. We must thank you for both. We grasp to reply e-mails as soon as possible, photographs are published during the web-updates. And because some of your emails are very interesting or funny, we deicided to publish a pick of them. They were added to our Guestbook.

An exhibition with our photos in BrnoAn exhibition with our photos in BrnoA write-up about our web-page in Truck magazin
  • Photos from our web were used in public exhibition. It was quite successful.
  • And there was a write-up in "Truck magazín" too.
  • picture author: Sysel
    Another Ifa L50 at work
    picture author: Sysel
    photographed in Ceske Budejovice.
    picture author: unknown (please, contact us)
    gully-sucker on V3S body
    picture author: unknown (please, contact us)
    Vehicle was attentively repaired.
    picture author: unknown (please, contact us)
    picture author: Predseda
    Skoda-Liaz 100 in Prague.
    picture author: Firestarter
    Praga V3S in Tachlovice.
    picture author: Předseda
    Historic fecal cisterns in Bochor
    picture author: reader Jiri M. Sieber
    Wreck of historic Praga RN.
    picture author: reader Jiri M. Sieber   picture author: reader Jiri M. Sieber
    This oldtimer ramains near Marianske Lazne.

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